How much is your time worth?
Do less, do better, earn more!

This is the main slogan we go about! The key for working less and earning more is working productively thus spending less time on any given project and increasing your hourly pay rate. Sounds simple but without proper time logging it is harder than it sounds. And this is what Hourss offers - simple yet effective project time and earnings tracking for freelancers (and for those who freelance after work) !

Hourss was created and still is managed by me, a freelancer! When I started freelancing estimating cost of the project was a challenge (and still is) so I decided to do three things:

1. Log know how much time I am spending on certain project so that I could estimate cost for future projects of the same kind.
2. Find out if I overwork any given project thus earning less money per hour.
3. Use super simple software to calculate these two things and the software had to be connected to the internet so I can access it from any computer.

Knowing these things, I could be confident about project cost when presenting it to the next client, about the time it takes to complete the task and convince myself to work more productively thus earning more per any given work hour.

I started with a simple Google sheet excel document soon to realize that after few months` my worktables are getting out of hand. And the idea of Hourss was born!

I have been using this application every day for the past five years.